You Guys…

6 Feb

Guess what? I am (really, almost completely) certain one of my neighbors died. I came home on Wednesday night from Breaking Dawn and there was a really gross, strange smell permeating through my hallway. I’ve never smelled anything like it before. On Thursday the smell hit me like a brick. It’s hard to describe other than just an extremely pungent, rotten smell. By Friday a machine was set up outside the door down the hall. The smell, though lingering, did progressively get better. I happened to pass the door on my way to the workout room yesterday and saw this sign.

I Googled this when I got home and one of the reasons someone would use an ozone machine is to get rid of the smell of a corpse. There are tons of old people that live near me. I’ve racked my brain to think of what else it could possibly be… I’m fairly convinced that there was a rotting corpse just down the hall from me for several days. Gives me the creeps.





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