All In A Day’s Work

7 Feb

Someone could reasonably ask me “What’s wrong with you?” if he or she took a look at my resume. I had a couple great internship experiences in theatre management. One lasted a summer in Chicago and another lasted a year in Phoenix after I graduated college. I loved the work environment, I loved what I got to do, loved my co-workers. It can be really frustrating as well, and I know even the best of them (us?) can experience burnout. Regardless, when my year in Phoenix came to a sad close, I was still excited about the prospect of continuing this career path. Being disgustingly poor, I needed to come home to Des Moines where I would have the support of my friends and family. Oh, and a super cheap place to live lined up. Turns out? Getting one of the very few openings in my desired field in Des Moines was next to impossible with my lack of experience. In other words, internships (though knowledge building and so, so useful) mean nothing to someone in charge of hiring. Well…maybe that’s not the case for everyone. But this is my experience, our blog, go with me.

After a stint temping at a large investment company, I found myself gainfully employed working at a legal insurance company in Des Moines. All thanks to a couple friends who already worked there who put in a recommendation for me. Dream job? Nope. Was I excited? Yes. I was excited to make and save some moolah. And I was there for over 2 years. But I knew, I just knew that my life needed a big change. I wasn’t fulfilled. I knew I wanted to move to the twin cities for a very long time before I actually grew the cojones to do it. So I got a second job working at an emergency family shelter. That last year in Des Moines was sooo busy. I always worked at least one, sometimes two shifts on the weekend. I also had some shifts in the week, which meant on those days my work schedule would last from 8:30am-10:00pm. Clearly was not a fan of those days. But (but!) I was really able to build up my savings for my move as I never spent my shelter earnings. Thanks past me for foresight!!

Because…I was unemployed for 2 months when I moved up here. That savings was so essential. Intellectually I knew I should have relaxed and enjoyed my time off more. When I wasn’t applying for jobs, I slept in, became besties with Netflix, enjoyed a thoroughly lazy existence. I couldn’t stand it. I think I was too programmed to be go, go, go all the time. I interviewed with a large arts organization in St. Paul, which would have been so amazing. Didn’t get the job. Super disappointed. I just kept applying for anything and everything I came across. One day while temping at a warehouse (Oh yes, that happened! It kind of deserves its own future post) I got a call from a truck dealership. I guess I applied for their receptionist administrative assistant (sounds better, no?) position. I got called into an interview the next day and was hired the next week. Whew! Relief! A job! A job in the trucking industry? Oh God. A…job…working…with…truckers… wah wahhhhh!!! This is how my brain operates, you see. Pay is o-kay. Enough to pay the bills with a little extra, but the purse strings are somewhat tighter than before.

The job itself? By far, hands down, no contest, the easiest job I have ever had. Ever. I kind of just sit here all day and have no actual responsibilities except for answering the phone and handling a few projects here and there. Am I typing this blog while at work? Why, yes I am! How do I get away with this? For 2 good reasons. A) No one gives me anything to do and hardly notices me when they are here. B) No one is ever here. I have some proof of this. I swear these photos were taken consectively one after the other just now.

Yes, everyone is gone. Has been for a while now. And somehow this is just normal. And somehow it’s okay that I, ME, am left as the only person here supposed to answer questions about trucks?? Not a wise decision. Not wise a’tall. It’s always a little quite embarassing to explain to people that I work in the trucking industry. I especially detest telling people who give me a condescending laugh with a “Huh ho! That’s what you get for studying theatre!” quip. Those people need to go off themselves. My HUGE justification in my newfound employment situation is that I am also in grad school. For Arts & Cultural Management. No, I am not going to explain “what that is” to another person! It’s pretty self explanatory. Think about it. But I know more than anything else, I KNOW that this job is only temporary. I’m going to do what I love someday. Just watch me.


Also, my peeps in the trucking world are (as you’d imagine) super sophisticated. They like to decorate and have a wide range of tastes…from animal to bird.


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