Remember Me?

23 Feb

So, so sorry for all of you still following. I know it’s been ages. WordPress tells me there are still a few checking in. Thanks.

Remember that time when I blogged about the ridiculousness of my job? So here’s a little update. That position “was eliminated” a week and a half ago. I was literally walking out the door, coat on, purse in hand, see you later thankyouverymuch, when my seriously inept manager calls me into his office to inform me that “the company is not turning around and we’re going to have to eliminate your position….”

Now, obviously, I wasn’t doing much there. At all. But it’s not for my lack of work ethic. No one was ever there or ever gave me anything to do. I get why they let me go, but I will miss the paycheck. So… now it’s back on the job hunt. Which is the effing worst. It’s a job in itself to find a job. I have to prepare myself to face the wall of rejection that is sure to come. I do qualify for unemployment, which I had to figure out a little by trial and error. I’ve never had to accept unemployment before and it’s not a good feeling whatsoever. Let’s just hope I can secure something soon. Like, really soon.

Having an open day makes me so so so much more lazy than being busy. What is that? My motivation is zapped and my couch, my laptop, my bed, and Netflix are my boyfriends in between sending out resumes. It’s an insanely icky slump to get out of. Last week, Valentine’s Day specifically, was pretty much an all time low. It’s a crap day anyway for someone who is perpetually single, but this year involved: recent unemployment, weird/confusing dating stuff (remember my early posting on a guy I was dating?  Yeah. Him. He’s confusing. I am 98.5% certain it’s going nowhere), only getting flowers from my Dad. Seriously, my Dad is awesome and sends me flowers every year no matter what, but it would be excellent for once to have flowers from someone other than my Dad. The loneliness of moving up here combined with all this other stuff really hit me. Hard. I do feel better now. I’m not depressed. Still unemployed, but feeling better.

My family and friends? They’re the best. I am such a lucky girl to have them, even if most of them aren’t a short drive away anymore. Thinking about them and thinking about the things I’m (dislike this word…it’s used too much, but…) blessed with are truly helping me get out of this slump. And of course, little Blog, I’ll keep blogging. Sorry for not posting sooner. I was too busy with cookies and Netflix. Now I am off for a jog because I am running a half marathon in June! Which is big insanely huge for me. I still need to put in the time since I am not a natural runner at all.

Love, Kenz

Oh, and, um, yeah…. If you know of any jobs in the twin cities area (seriously anything!) let me know!


2 Responses to “Remember Me?”

  1. Kayla February 23, 2012 at 4:02 PM #


    Sorry about the job. that sucks. Check out General Mills. Apparently they’re an excellent company to work for and seem to be in need of admin/staff assistants pretty regularly!

  2. Tamsin February 26, 2012 at 5:30 AM #

    Love you, Kenz!
    Just give me a call if you want to talk 🙂

    P.S. I check up on your blog every day because I think you’re the bomb-diggidy and I’m not just saying that because you’re my sista guuul.

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