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The Key to Happiness

31 Mar

The key to happiness when one is unemployed is to actually leave your place of residence at least once a day. Obvious, right? Took me a bit to figure this out. Like until yesterday. Yesterday was really no different than any other day except for my state of mind around 6:30 pm. I had spent the day doing the following activities:

  • Applying for jobs. It is so hard not to sound like an ass clown in cover letters. Am I right? There is a job I found (long shot, I’ve seen the job posting on numerous arts web sites, meaning I’ll have some fierce competition) working for a billion dollar…yeah you heard me…billion dollar (I truly can’t even wrap my mind around that kind of money) endowment that gives grants to arts organizations. Essentially, I could help give money to artists! It would be so freeeeaking awesome. I tried to sound like I’m just the kind of young and passionate person they’re looking for, but I think I came off as a brown noser. Cover letters. Yuck. Someone just hire me pleaseandthankyou. I’m cool, I swear. Just hire me.
  • Working on an annotated bibliography. For my communications class we’re supposed to pick a topic within our field of study and research a trending topic. My topic is social media and Generation Y donors. Obvies I heart social media. Hello, blog! Hello, Facebook! I am Generation Y so the topic is super relevant to me. The catch is that 80% of my sources have to be scholarly journal articles. Oh, what? Academics aren’t writing about this stuff? Boooooo… I have three sources so far. Seven to go.
  • Watching Gossip Girl. Cause didn’t you hear? I am caught up with Vampire Diaries. Oh, God. The truth hurts. And now my dear little friend, Mr. Netflix, has guided me to Gossip Girl. I actually hate it. I could walk up to Serena van der Woodsen (people are named things like this??) and punch her in the face. Yet I keep watching. What is wrong with me?

And then it was 6:30. And all the sudden I knew if I didn’t leave my apartment I was going to go insane. So what to do alone on a Friday night? Bars? No. A thousand times no! I am hard pressed to think of a creepier or more uncomfortable way to spend my time than going to a bar alone. Plus, I wouldn’t even meet people because I’m 98% certain I would spend the whole time in a corner, playing Angry Birds on my phone, pretending I was texting the fake friends who are just obviously late to meet me. So no. Just no. The only reasonable conclusion was to see a movie alone. I think I can handle being alone in a dark room with others eating snacks.

I saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Unless you’re in my predicament and need to get out for the sake of your sanity, just RedBox it later. Or if you want to see it skip ahead. I just re-read what I wrote, and, um, SPOILER ALERT! I give the whole plot away. Oops. It had Ewan McGregor, the love of my life, and Emily Blunt, who I wish I was, starring in it. All things considered, it didn’t seem like a terrible choice. I’d already seen The Hunger Games and have less than no desire to see John Carter and all the other garbage that’s out right now. The premise of the movie is that there is a sheik from the Yemen who owns properties in Scotland. In Scotland he has discovered a passion for the sport of Salmon fishing and wishes to bring it to the Yemen. Emily Blunt works for the high class PR firm representing the sheik. She contacts Ewan McGregor who is a Doctor working in the Fish and Agriculture Dept. of the UK. Dr. Ewan (what he shall henceforth be known as since I can’t remember his character’s name and am too lazy to look it up on IMDB) is extremely reluctant to be included in the project since he believes it will never work. Ms Emily is dating a British soldier who is shipped off to Afghanistan right as their relationship is getting good. Her time is focused on getting Dr. Ewan to sign on to the project and worrying about her ridiculously handsome British soldier boyfriend. The sheik is sort of this all-knowing, wise ruler type who believes Dr. Ewan should have more faith than he does. I hate it when that happens :). There are scenes set in Scotland that made me want to drive myself to the airport and board a plane for Edinburgh. I’ve been twice and loooooove it. Any kind of Scottish Highland picture or scene sends pangs through me heart. Ahhhh. I digress… As I predicted would happen, the hot British soldier boyfriend goes MIA. Now it’s she who doesn’t come into work and has given up caring about salmon (I hate when that happens), while randomly it’s Dr. Ewan who now believes it will work! Huh, when did this sudden shift happen for him? Ms Emily finally decides to distract herself with work and they all pick up and go to the Yemen. A love connection occurs between Dr. Ewan and Ms Emily. I knew it was coming. But let me just say that as much as I heart both of these actors, they have zero chemistry. Zero. It was so forced and unbelievable. Ah well. As expected, MIA boyfriend turns up and she has to choose. I hate when that happens, too. She’s all set to choose newly found, still gorgeous, British soldier man around the same time that the salmon are released into the river. This is a big PR to-do since Britain wants to promote a good “Anglo-Yemeni” relationship. Here is where the corny caught up with me… They had to use farm salmon since all the British fisherman were up in arms about Britain’s natural fish being transported to the Yemen. Will farm salmon want to “run”, even though for generations they haven’t? Or is it in their DNA to swim upstream? The suspense! The CGI salmon are dumped into the river and start to drift downstream. Oh, sad day. Until….! One salmon turns around and starts to battle upstream! Yay! Go salmon! I was strangely proud of that animated salmon. Obviously all the rest follow it upstream. But wait! Some insurgents who don’t want a salmon filled river (I still don’t get their motivations…) turn on the water from the dam FULL BLAST! We see some animated salmon getting blown backwards by the gush. I actually felt really badly for them. I don’t know why. I just did. All seems lost. Ms Emily is going to leave with hottie soldier boy. The fish are dead. Until! Look! There are still some salmon alive. It’s a sign. We all should stay and rebuild the project. Ms Emily should choose Dr. Ewan. The end.

I actually can’t believe I wrote that much about the movie. Sorry. But yeah. I got out of the apartment and then went to Wal-Mart. Classy. But the little act of leaving my apartment definitely restored a little sanity.

Today I went to a coffee shop near Macalaster, bound and determined to finish the bibliography. I’m also pretending that I go to Macalaster and belong with all these 20 year old’s with skinny jeans and ironic mustaches. I ordered a chai, which I haven’t ordered for a while…cause…yeah…turns out they are full of calories. Lame. Here is me happily drinking the deliciousness.

And then I settle myself in. Let’s GET TO WORK. And then I see this when I try to go to my school’s library page.

The server is down. And this thing is due Monday. Someone better be working on this. Grrrr……

This is so dumb. I have to work on the bibliography here. Not at home with Gossip Girl in the background. Plus I really can’t go back to that dreaded place (where I live) so soon. Thus the reason I am bloggin’ away about the trivialities of my life and movies about salmon. Oh, and there were definitely people near me as I was taking these pictures. Oh, the things I’ll do for you, blog!

I’m outtie. Let’s see if the server is back up. Fingers crossed it is. Have a great weekend!




At Laaaaaast!

22 Mar

Sung in the style of Etta James, of course. Ali and I were (at last!) reunited this past weekend. Of course it was ridiculously short, but we managed to cram a lot of awesomeness into a couple days. Mi hermano (Who is this Hermano? Anyone get that reference? Anyone?…) was also in town this weekend to be all awesome and go to a law school orientation thingy. Cause yeah. He’s starting law school in St. Paul this fall. I’mprettyexcitedforthis. The weekend was packed with lots of coolness, and I am pretty sad it’s over.

Ali came in on Friday morning and I took her around the Grand Ave area of St. Paul where we ate lunch at Punch Pizza. Seriously delish. It’s kind of the place I take people who come to town… mostly so I can eat there again. I went to Anthrolpologie for the first time ever. Half the time I ran around drooling screaming, “ME WANT!” The other half I of the time I judged it. There is some pretty ca-razy stuff there that you’d have to be crazy and/or famous to pull off.

You can’t really tell in my picture, but mine is a sheer, belly length vest thing. Probably belonged to Princess Jasmine at one point. Ali’s is adorbs, but I think a Muppet may have been killed to make it. On the left is a nightie with mushrooms on it. It also has a pocket by the boobs. Probably to keep midnight snacks in. Ali obviously bought it.

We went to Primp, which calls itself a “cheap chic boutique.” It kind of reminds me of Francsca’s, so obviously I’m lovin’it. Bought yet another summer dress (Don’t judge me. Yes, I am still unemployed and it’s still just March, but it caaaalled to me. I needed it. Shhhh.) Then because we are so thrifty and economical we went to the store and got stuff to make dinner. And I made mojitos, which were so good. Get in ma belly good.

After some mmmmojitos we freshened up and met one of my grad school friends for some more drinks. Don’t judge. We ended up going to this place called The Muddy Pig in St. Paul. This is a cool bar not too far from mi apartamento. I was first taken there by Jerkface McLoserpants (guy I dated that one time a few blog posts ago) and ever since the demise of that whole thing, I’ve always driven past The Muddy Pig and given it the stink eye. Stupid Muddy Pig. I needed to go there and have a new experience so that I could go to that bar again without feeling craptastic. The experience Ali gave me to remember (and I shan’t forget!) is to put her feet up on the bar for about 20 seconds. She actually managed to disgust this guy, who we concluded is probably the bar’s namesake.

And then I judged him pretty harshly. See the evidence:

Good, nay, grand times had by all. Afterwords we proceeded to Moscow on the Hill. Very trendy Russian place with a lovely patio. And yeah, it’s March and we were patio-ing like champs.

The amazing thing about Ali is that you can pretty much put her in any kind of social situation and she’ll thrive. She’s so awesome around new people. I didn’t have to worry for a second that it would be weird to hang out with her and my friend Katie I met in grad school. Katie is actually not continuing the grad program and moving back to Alaska. This is really sad for me since she’s kind of awesome. But maybe now I have someone to visit whenever I get myself to Alaska? Silver lining??

Saturday we got up and walked about Lake Calhoun in Uptown Minneapolis. It’s exactly 3.2 miles around, or 5K. We did one lap and all I could think about was that in a couple months I’ll be running over 4 times that amount. It definitely put it into perspective since when you look at the lake it seems so big. Then popped over to Isle Bun and Coffee in Uptown for a scone. Minneapolis-ans. Get yourself there for a scone asap. Worth it.

My mom and sister came up as well and spent most of the weekend with Nick scoping out all the trendy places he might live. He’s clearly more hip than me since I think he’ll end up in Lowertown in a loft style apartment, and up until last week I’m like, “Lowertown? Where’s that??” I’m living in a totally residential neighborhood with hallways that frequently smell of an old lady’s bathroom, well, when they don’t smell of rotting corpses. He’s officially more hip than me. One thing I do have is a pretty spacious deck which up until this weekend was decked out with not a damn thing. So my wonderful and lovely mother bought me an outdoor table and chair set. I’m actually sitting out here now, blogging my little heart out. Thanks, Mom! But since there were 4 people in her car (dumb) with big table and chairs, getting them back to my place was…ah…tricky. We made it work,. Ali scrunched down with no room in the back and I sat on my sister’s lap. NBD.

Saturday night was our night to go downtown. Downtown Minneapolis is really fun. It would be a lot more fun if I had a personal driver, since I loathe LOATHE the parking situation down there. Luckily, we were able to find a ramp with a relatively cheap fare near the places we wanted to go. Ended up going to The Local and Brit’s Pub. Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, I was somewhat of an outcast in my pink dress. Ah well. I won’t even pretend to be remotely Irish. Cause I’m not. Both places were super fun and Brit’s has a really great rooftop patio. I would gladly recommend it to all. We decided to dress up because it’s fun to do that once in a while. And since we were lookin’ so fine we  had to attempt to look sexy/serious. Fail? Mmmm yeah. Kind of.

Remember that time someone was telling a really boring story and then you found a quarter? Yeah me too!

For realz. I’m the kind of girl who bends over to pick up pennies, so to find a whole quarter was pretty legit. Legit enough to blog about. Wussup?

Aaaaand being that Ali and I were in a bar (or anywhere!) together we had the inevitable encounter with an awkward creep. His name was Brady and he loved us both. Though he might have loved Ali more. Lucky girl that one. On three occasions he came up to our table. On the second occasion he brought an equally creepy friend. We were talking about New Zealand (as one does) and he said, “Yeah, New Zealand! Whatever!” and he and his friend proceeded to leave. So long, farewell, aufedersein, goodbye. Yes? No. He came back and sat next to Ali.

Here is a lovely reenactment of our conversation. I’m so upset we let this winner get away.

However, it was altogether a wonderful night for us to be so sexy in the city. Like Carrie and Miranda. Almost.

On Sunday morning we met my family for a greasy breakfast at Mickey’s Diner in downtown St. Paul. This place is a staple of the cities and was featured in The Mighty Ducks (Charlie’s mom worked there!), Jingle All The Way (Arnold’s Christmas movie circa 1996) and A Prairie Home Companion. It felt kind of dirty and our waitress was not as charming as Charlie’s mom. Quite the contrary, she seemed naggy and pissed about something. Oh well. But the food was greasy and yummy. And it’s such a staple that I am glad we went.

Before we knew it the weekend was over and everyone scattered back to Seattle, Boulder, and Boone. It was such a fantastic weekend that I can’t wait until we plan it again. Maybe this time I will travel to Colorado??

Until next time.

Ode to Epic Nights

12 Mar

Oh the epic nights we have had

The stories that made us so glad.

We are the people who laugh and do not stutter

Never the girls with their heads in the gutter.

Okay, I guess there was that one time

It definitely wasn’t our prime

When the drinks were so cheap

And several vodka crans we did reap.

Still there have been nights for the ages

When we padded the bartender’s wages.

Without ending up in an uncharacteristic dance craze

We can set any pub, club, or dive bar ablaze.

So on the whole we are Class to a ‘T’

The best wing women are we.

We have fun without the “woo”

And take the town, just us two.

So this coming weekend, there will be no stumble or stagger

Because Kenz and Ali will be out with their swagger.

It will be a time full of magic and bliss

And I promise you, we won’t dress like this.

Look for photos and updates of all of our fun

And we will show you EPIC before the weekend is done.

T-Minus 6 Days…

10 Mar

Six days. Ali and I will be reunited at long last. Doing it up in MN. That’s all.


8 Mar

I have a lot, like, whoa you guys, a lot of time on my hands. I’m on a little break from school since my first class ended and my next class doesn’t start for another week or so. In some shameless self promotion I’ll say I got an A in my first grad school class! Huge sigh of relief since I’ve been in a seriously non-student mode since graduating in 2008.

How do I fill my time then? I’ll walk you through my day. Woke up and headed to the unemployment office for a required meeting. Having never been through this process I thought it was an individual meeting to really dig into how I can get a job. What really went down was a group meeting with a boring Powerpoint presented by an overworked, underpaid minion of the State. Most of the meeting I just thought about how icky her hair was and how much I would love to take her to a salon. Totally productive hour.

I went to Iowa last week since I was getting a bit stir crazy in my apartment. It was a good visit. Got to see family and friends and all that. I even crashed a spinning class at Meredith since a friend works there. Driving home I glanced at the little oil change sticker on my windshield and I was 2,000, (count them!) 2,000 miles over when I needed a change. Oh boy. I took it to the Jiffy Lube across the street from my apartment after my super fun meeting. After getting the stink eye from the mechanic guy about my negligence, I let him talk me into this “flush” thingy since my car was obs in need of some TLC. And new windshield wipers. And it came to $150. I totally was expecting $30 tops going into this thing. I hate car expenses. A lot.

And then I came home and applied for a couple jobs and then indulged in one of the most painfully embarrassing unemployed guilty pleasures… Let me interject with the fact that I looove guilty pleasure stuff (The OC, Desperate Housewives…) but this takes the cake. I sat down and watched multiple, as in yes more than 2, episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Hush you. I know it’s ridiculous! But seriously, how about that Elena and Stefan? I just pretend I’m 15 since I’m pretty sure that’s the target demographic. Reason 4,679 why I need a job.

Of course my cats freaking love that I am home in the day. And since even when I am employed I am a crazy cat lady, this totally doesn’t bother me. Look who I get to hang out with all day, yo.

Oh my God. SHE IS SO FREAKING CUTE. Here is Lucy. Someone annoying had a picture of their baby on Facebook with the caption “My heart outside my body.”  How much would you chuckle if I put this picture up on Facebook with the same caption? I think I would be judged pretty harshly, so, though tempted, I’ll refrain.

And here is my son other cat (sheesh, just kidding!) Linus. And I think I laughed for 3 straight minutes after I took this picture, which is a long time if you think about it. I want to add a speech bubble with him yelling at me about getting him ice cream. It can go on LOL Cats, even though that’s probably a few years played out by now. Oh well.

And then after some VD (Vampire Diaries, duh) I took a little run. Made it 5 miles and looked like this afterwards:

Pretty sexy, right? Totes. So I was almost dead at 5 miles. I have 3 months to add another 8 miles on to that. Can and will do it. Yes I will.

Later on I made lasagna from a recipe I got from It was vegetarian and had tons of broccoli in it so in my foolish, oh so foolish, head I concluded it would be healthy. I made the lasagna and it was just out of the oven when I noticed that the recipe had a “nutrition facts” link. Oh.Em.Gee. I guess I should have realized that when I used THREE different kinds of cheeses that it was going to be the worst thing ever. We’re talking over 800 calories per serving. And since I had already made the thing and was “starving” I ate it anyway. So long 5 mile run and then some. You were just replaced by cheese. It was really delicious, but it’s totally sad to think the aforementioned run was almost not worth it.

And that, my friends, is a day in the life of a funemployed person. Sorry for the ramble and a half. And for trying to make the mundane deets of my life interesting. I’m am off to bed as I have an interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Spring Kick (& Run)-Off!

1 Mar

I know, I know!  I’ve been absent for over a month, but I’ll have all of you know that you haven’t been far from my mind.  I’ve been working on compiling some great stuff that will get you excited for the coming spring since we have FINALLY said goodbye to that miserable, life-hating b*tch, February.  While March isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite month, we can rest a bit easier knowing that we can look forward to spring and summer and all of the fun they bring with them.  I don’t know about ya’ll, but my summer is going to be crazy in a very, very good way.  That being said, I am currently working on whipping myself into shape so I don’t look like a complete blob when the camera is brought out to commemorate many a special occasion.  This involves buying better groceries, moving more, and NOT having two black & tans (thanks to The Irish Snug in Denver!) and some Girl Scout cookies for dinner.

One way I have been attempting to get into shape is by joining a soccer team.  I had never played soccer up until a month ago since I grew up in po’dunk Iowa where you had to join inconveniently-located league teams if you wanted to play (which I didn’t).  I got onto this particular team through some friends who are also my classmates as well as my once and future softball teammates (Go Lazer Vikings!!).  I forewarned them that I had never played soccer before, save some pretty pathetic games in junior high P.E., but they were more than happy to let me on.  However, they underestimated how much I do NOT know about soccer.

The first problem came within about five minutes of me arriving to our first game at Boulder Indoor Soccer.  I was all excited since my friend David had lent me a spare pair of his shin guards.  I thought I looked awesome.

However, my excitement was significantly quelled when my friend Kate looked at me with some confusion and asked, “Where are your socks?”  Feeling a little confused, I tugged on the edge of my running footies to show her that I wasn’t so dumb as to forget socks. GEEZ.  . . . then I realized that everyone was wearing tall socks, like these:


Luckily, people came to my rescue and had some extra socks on-hand (they were clean, don’t worry).  I put them on and was ready to kick the crap out of some balls! I couldn’t wait to show off my sweet action shots like this one:

Or this one:

(Note: you should never be in these particular positions while playing soccer. You will hurt yourself.) I will say that I shouldn’t be blamed too much for the sock situation.  I TOLD them I knew nothing about soccer.  This was shown even more when I had no idea where to stand at the beginning of the game, nor at any other time.  I ran a lot for really no purpose at all.  I looked tough, though!  These last few weeks I have been able to get a much firmer grasp on the game, and our team manager, Randy, even told me he was impressed with how fast I caught on.  I was super proud of that, seeing as the middle schooler who lives inside of me has always felt useless and uncoordinated in organized sports.  Softball will start again next week, and I’m actually excited for it.  I had hated softball for several years, mostly because I thought it was boring and I was the only member of my immediate family who was bad at it.  However, after being on a team last summer and joining the Lazer Vikings upon moving to Boulder, I find that I actually have a lot of fun, and I’ve proven to myself that I have (mostly) grown out of my terrible hand-eye coordination.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “sporty” person, league sports in your 20s and 30s are a really fun way to get out and exercise as well as meet people (the beer drinking aspect is great too!).  The one caveat I will add is that it is crucial to join an easy-going team.  We’ve played some intense teams who have beat us, but they didn’t look like they were having any fun, and they just seemed like complete jerks to players and spectators alike.  I seriously witnessed a 6’4″ muscle-y man throw a hissy fit because my friend Lindsay tried to kick the ball away from him (Lindsay is maaaybe 5’4″ and no more than 110 lbs).  It was pathetic.  Entertaining yes -but pathetic.

Besides soccer, I have returned to my go-to (and favorite) sport, running.  Kenz has officially signed up to do a half marathon, and I am trying to work out the details of running Bolder Boulder in late May.  The issue I know a lot of people have with running is motivation.  It’s not only difficult to get out of bed and get to the gym, but it’s also hard to stay strong while running -especially when you’re in that grueling stage where your body is still working itself out of winter hibernation.  The best answer for this is usually great running music.

Now, what I consider great running music may not work for everyone, but I have spent about the last month compiling some of my favorites (and trust me, I would have taken longer since I’m super OCD when it comes to music).  There’s really no rhyme or reason for what I like to run to.  I can run to fairly slow songs as long as they have a good steady rhythm to keep me going.  However, sometimes I need an otherwise-cruddy pop anthem to do the job.  There have even been times when I’ve turned to Matchbox 20 (don’t make that face at me).  Most of the time though, Led Zeppelin and the White Stripes are who I turn to.

A lot of people, I’ve found, rely heavily on “mood music” to get them through a run.  Taking this into consideration, I have created a few themed playlists to help you, dear reader, build up your running music collection and to motivate you to get sprinting!  Now, I know not all of the songs will appeal to everyone, but I have included the lengths of the songs as well as the song titles so you can compile your very own playlist for your specific workout.  Go crazy!  Run fast!  And if you have some songs you would like to suggest that have gotten you through a killer workout, please share them here.

Girl Power Mix

Dog Days Are Over –Florence & the Machine (4:13)

Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups (5:54)

Barrowland Ballroom – Amy MacDonald (3:58)

Single Ladies – Beyonce (3:13)

Monster Hospital – Metric (3:30)

Jolene – Mindy Smith feat. Dolly Parton (4:18)

Spiderwebs – No Doubt (4:28)

I’ll Be Waiting – Adele (4:02)

You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette (4:09)

RESPECT – Aretha Franklin (2:25)

Chain of Fools – Aretha Franklin (2:46)

A Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin (2:44)

Think – Aretha Franklin (2:19)

The Weight – Aretha Franklin (2:54)

Paper Planes – M.I.A. (3:23)

Express Yourself – Madonna (4:04)

Ray of Light – Madonna (5:20)

Born This Way – Lady Gaga (4:20)


“Cool” Mix

Spaceman – The Killers (4:44)

Cousins – Vampire Weekend (2:25)

The Great Salt Lake – Band of Horses (4:45)

Bang Theory – World Leader Pretend (4:40)

Magnificent – U2 (5:24)

Supermassive Black Hole – Muse (3:29)

Screen Test – The Envy Corps (3:56)

Jaded – Aerosmith (3:35)

We Used to Wait – Arcade Fire (5:03)

E-Pro – Beck (3:22)

Twisted Logic – Coldplay (5:01)

Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz (3:41)

Kids With Guns – Gorillaz (3:46)

All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers (5:03)

Time to Pretend – MGMT (4:22)

Ocean Breathes Salty – Modest Mouse (3:53)

Here It Goes Again – O.K. Go (2:59)

Requiem for O.M.M. – Of Montreal (2:19)

Fortress – Pinback (4:10)

A Kind of Magic – Queen (4:26)

The Great Salt Lake – Band of Horses (4:45)

Intergalactic – Beastie Boys (4:14)

Black Tambourine – Beck (2:47)

Scarecrow – Beck (4:15)

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People (3:59)

Love Interruption – Jack White (2:36)


Angry Mix

Kiss With A Fist – Florence & the Machine (2:05)

I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys (2:33)

Uprising – Muse (5:04)

Threshold – Sex Bob-omb (1:47)

Doesn’t Remind Me – Audioslave (4:17)

Zombie – The Cranberries (5:07)

This Ain’t A Scene (It’s An Arms Race) – Fall Out Boy (3:32)

Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand (4:03)

I Think I’m Paranoid – Garbage (3:38)

Holiday – Green Day (3:54)

Bawitdaba – Kid Rock (4:27)

Freak On A Leash – Korn (4:15)

Mad Season – Matchbox 20 (5:02)

Satin in a Coffin – Modest Mouse (2:37)

Bury Me With It – Modest Mouse (3:53)

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana (5:01)

Drift & Die – Puddle of Mudd (4:27)

She Hates Me – Puddle of Mudd (3:36)

Megalomaniac – Incubus (4:54)


Sexy Mix

Poker Face – Lady Gaga (3:57)

Bones – The Killers (3:47)

Fell in Love With A Girl – The White Stripes (1:50)

Denial Twist – The White Stripes (2:35)

Jaded – Aerosmith (3:35)

We Intertwined – The Hush Sound (3:17)

Losing Touch – The Killers (4:15)

On Top – The Killers (4:20)

What Is And What Should Never Be – Led Zeppelin (4:44)

Immigrant Song – Karen O., Trent Reznor, & Atticus Ross (2:47)

Houses of the Holy – Led Zeppelin (4:03)

In the Evening – Led Zeppelin (6:49)

Beautiful Stranger – Madonna (4:21)

I Like the Way You Move – Outkast (3:55)

Tie Your Mother Down – Queen (3:45)

Rag Doll – Aerosmith (4:13)

We No Speak Americano – Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup (4:29)


Pop Tart Mix

Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas (3:37)

Lose Control – Missy Elliott (3:15)

One, Two Step – Ciara (3:23)

Pump It – Black Eyed Peas (3:32)

Hey Mama – Black Eyed Peas (3:34)

Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani (3:19)

Tik Tok – Ke$ha (3:19)

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga (4:54)

Telephone – Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce (3:40)

Just Dance – Lady Gaga (4:01)

Get Low – Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys (5:34)

Bright Lights – Matchbox 20 (3:54)

Country Grammar – Nelly (4:49)

Hey Ya – Outkast (4:10)

Shake Ya Tail Feather – P. Diddy, feat. Nelly (4:16)

Just Push Play – Aerosmith (3:51)


Happy Mix

The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts – Sufjan Stevens

Heavy Metal Drummer – Wilco (3:08)

Hiroshima (B-b-b Benny Hit His Head) – Ben Folds (3:37)

Better Way – Ben Harper (4:00)

The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts – Sufjan Stevens (6:17)

Let’s Get Out Of This Country – Camera Obscura (3:22)

Hands Down – Dashboard Confessional (3:06)

Jimi Thing (Live) – Dave Matthews Band (8:13)

Stay (Wasting Time) – Dave Matthews Band (5:35)

The Sound of Settling – Death Cab for Cutie (2:12)

Praise You – Fatboy Slim (3:24)

Read My Mind –The Killers (4:06)

Mr. Maker – The Kooks (3:00)

Shine On – The Kooks (3:14)

Over the Hills and Far Away – Led Zeppelin (4:51)

Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz (3:31)

Float On – Modest Mouse (3:29)

Say Please – Monsters of Folk (2:48)

If You Ever Stop Loving Me – Montgomery Gentry (3:02)

I’m Amazed – My Morning Jacket (4:33)

Cherry, Cherry – Neil Diamond (2:44)

Kentucky Woman – Neil Diamond (2:28)

Holly Holy – Neil Diamond (4:32)

Crazy Game of Poker – O.A.R. (4:41)

Stay Young – Oasis (5:08)

Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis (4:47)

Starry Eyed Surprise – Paul Oakenfeld (3:50)

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers (3:38)

Seven Seas of Rhye – Queen (2:48)

Big Balls – AC/DC (2:37)

Home – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (5:05)


Rock Out

Carry On Wayward Son – Kansas (5:21)

Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band (2:52)

My Generation – The Who (3:24)

All Right Now – Free (5:35)

Rock & Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution – AC/DC (4:27)

Sweet Emotion (Live)– Aerosmith (5:57)

American Woman – The Guess Who (3:51)

White Riot – The Clash (1:59)

London Calling – The Clash (3:21)

Train in Vain – The Clash (3:11)

Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash (3:07)

Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival (2:20)

Times Like These – Foo Fighters (5:25)

Feels Like the First Time – Foreigner (3:52)

VooDoo Child – Jimi Hendrix (5:12)

Carry On Wayward Son – Kansas (5:21)

Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin (2:27)

Black Dog – Led Zeppelin (4:56)

Rock & Roll – Led Zeppelin (3:40)

Kashmir – Led Zeppelin (8:39)

Ramble On – Led Zeppelin (4:24)

Black Betty – Lynard Skynard (4:00)

Bat Out of Hell – Meat Loaf (9:52)

Dark Horses – Nathan Xander (2:44)

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen (5:55)

Keep Yourself Alive – Queen (3:45)

Back in Black (Live) – AC/DC (4:27)

For Those About to Rock – AC/DC (5:45)

Money Talks – AC/DC (4:18)

Livin’ On The Edge – Aerosmith (5:23)

The Funeral – Band of Horses (5:22)

Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers (4:29)

Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers (4:42)

Around the World – Red Hot Chili Peppers (3:58)

By the Way – Red Hot Chili Peppers (3:36)


Get Rhythm

Gone Gone Gone – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss (3:32)

Four Winds – Bright Eyes (4:16)

Wire & Wool – The Envy Corps (4:15)

My Doorbell – The White Stripes (4:01)

Black Tambourine – Beck (2:47)

Scarecrow – Beck (4:16)

Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas (4:11)

Frank Sinatra – CAKE (4:45)

Collarbone – Fujiya & Miyagi (4:05)

Rocket – Working For a Nuclear Free City (4:49)

Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (3:38)

This Is Radio Clash – The Clash (4:11)

Smashing Young Man – Collective Soul (3:45)

I Will Possess Your Heart – Death Cab For Cutie (8:25)

Doo Wop (That Thing) – Lauren Hill (5:20)

Mario Bros. Theme – Nintendo (3:37)

Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard – Paul Simon (3:13)

Cecelia – Paul Simon (3:24)

It’s the End of the World – R.E.M. (4:06)

Come Together – Aerosmith (3:40)

Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm (3:44)


Cool Down

Jacksonville – Sufjan Stevens (5:24)

High Speed – Coldplay (4:14)

Death and All Of His Friends – Coldplay (6:18)

Green River – Creedence Clearwater Revival (2:34)

Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz (3:45)

Give Me Novacaine – Green Day (3:27)

Sugar – Imperial Teen (3:32)

Are You In? – Incubus (4:26)

The Battle of Evermore – Led Zeppelin (5:52)

Never Knew Your Name – Mason Jennings (3:43)

Fighter Girl – Mason Jennings (3:24)

The Good Times Are Killing Me – Modest Mouse (4:16)

The Next To Be With You – Mr. Big (3:28)

Kodachrome – Paul Simon (4:13)

You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon (5:10)

Loves Me Like A Rock – Paul Simon (2:53)

Better Man – Pearl Jam (4:28)

Draggin’ the Line – R.E.M. (4:27)

Oh No – Andrew Bird (4:20)

The Suburbs – Arcade Fire (5:17)

Don’t Tell Me – Madonna (4:40)

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