8 Mar

I have a lot, like, whoa you guys, a lot of time on my hands. I’m on a little break from school since my first class ended and my next class doesn’t start for another week or so. In some shameless self promotion I’ll say I got an A in my first grad school class! Huge sigh of relief since I’ve been in a seriously non-student mode since graduating in 2008.

How do I fill my time then? I’ll walk you through my day. Woke up and headed to the unemployment office for a required meeting. Having never been through this process I thought it was an individual meeting to really dig into how I can get a job. What really went down was a group meeting with a boring Powerpoint presented by an overworked, underpaid minion of the State. Most of the meeting I just thought about how icky her hair was and how much I would love to take her to a salon. Totally productive hour.

I went to Iowa last week since I was getting a bit stir crazy in my apartment. It was a good visit. Got to see family and friends and all that. I even crashed a spinning class at Meredith since a friend works there. Driving home I glanced at the little oil change sticker on my windshield and I was 2,000, (count them!) 2,000 miles over when I needed a change. Oh boy. I took it to the Jiffy Lube across the street from my apartment after my super fun meeting. After getting the stink eye from the mechanic guy about my negligence, I let him talk me into this “flush” thingy since my car was obs in need of some TLC. And new windshield wipers. And it came to $150. I totally was expecting $30 tops going into this thing. I hate car expenses. A lot.

And then I came home and applied for a couple jobs and then indulged in one of the most painfully embarrassing unemployed guilty pleasures… Let me interject with the fact that I looove guilty pleasure stuff (The OC, Desperate Housewives…) but this takes the cake. I sat down and watched multiple, as in yes more than 2, episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Hush you. I know it’s ridiculous! But seriously, how about that Elena and Stefan? I just pretend I’m 15 since I’m pretty sure that’s the target demographic. Reason 4,679 why I need a job.

Of course my cats freaking love that I am home in the day. And since even when I am employed I am a crazy cat lady, this totally doesn’t bother me. Look who I get to hang out with all day, yo.

Oh my God. SHE IS SO FREAKING CUTE. Here is Lucy. Someone annoying had a picture of their baby on Facebook with the caption “My heart outside my body.”  How much would you chuckle if I put this picture up on Facebook with the same caption? I think I would be judged pretty harshly, so, though tempted, I’ll refrain.

And here is my son other cat (sheesh, just kidding!) Linus. And I think I laughed for 3 straight minutes after I took this picture, which is a long time if you think about it. I want to add a speech bubble with him yelling at me about getting him ice cream. It can go on LOL Cats, even though that’s probably a few years played out by now. Oh well.

And then after some VD (Vampire Diaries, duh) I took a little run. Made it 5 miles and looked like this afterwards:

Pretty sexy, right? Totes. So I was almost dead at 5 miles. I have 3 months to add another 8 miles on to that. Can and will do it. Yes I will.

Later on I made lasagna from a recipe I got from It was vegetarian and had tons of broccoli in it so in my foolish, oh so foolish, head I concluded it would be healthy. I made the lasagna and it was just out of the oven when I noticed that the recipe had a “nutrition facts” link. Oh.Em.Gee. I guess I should have realized that when I used THREE different kinds of cheeses that it was going to be the worst thing ever. We’re talking over 800 calories per serving. And since I had already made the thing and was “starving” I ate it anyway. So long 5 mile run and then some. You were just replaced by cheese. It was really delicious, but it’s totally sad to think the aforementioned run was almost not worth it.

And that, my friends, is a day in the life of a funemployed person. Sorry for the ramble and a half. And for trying to make the mundane deets of my life interesting. I’m am off to bed as I have an interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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