At Laaaaaast!

22 Mar

Sung in the style of Etta James, of course. Ali and I were (at last!) reunited this past weekend. Of course it was ridiculously short, but we managed to cram a lot of awesomeness into a couple days. Mi hermano (Who is this Hermano? Anyone get that reference? Anyone?…) was also in town this weekend to be all awesome and go to a law school orientation thingy. Cause yeah. He’s starting law school in St. Paul this fall. I’mprettyexcitedforthis. The weekend was packed with lots of coolness, and I am pretty sad it’s over.

Ali came in on Friday morning and I took her around the Grand Ave area of St. Paul where we ate lunch at Punch Pizza. Seriously delish. It’s kind of the place I take people who come to town… mostly so I can eat there again. I went to Anthrolpologie for the first time ever. Half the time I ran around drooling screaming, “ME WANT!” The other half I of the time I judged it. There is some pretty ca-razy stuff there that you’d have to be crazy and/or famous to pull off.

You can’t really tell in my picture, but mine is a sheer, belly length vest thing. Probably belonged to Princess Jasmine at one point. Ali’s is adorbs, but I think a Muppet may have been killed to make it. On the left is a nightie with mushrooms on it. It also has a pocket by the boobs. Probably to keep midnight snacks in. Ali obviously bought it.

We went to Primp, which calls itself a “cheap chic boutique.” It kind of reminds me of Francsca’s, so obviously I’m lovin’it. Bought yet another summer dress (Don’t judge me. Yes, I am still unemployed and it’s still just March, but it caaaalled to me. I needed it. Shhhh.) Then because we are so thrifty and economical we went to the store and got stuff to make dinner. And I made mojitos, which were so good. Get in ma belly good.

After some mmmmojitos we freshened up and met one of my grad school friends for some more drinks. Don’t judge. We ended up going to this place called The Muddy Pig in St. Paul. This is a cool bar not too far from mi apartamento. I was first taken there by Jerkface McLoserpants (guy I dated that one time a few blog posts ago) and ever since the demise of that whole thing, I’ve always driven past The Muddy Pig and given it the stink eye. Stupid Muddy Pig. I needed to go there and have a new experience so that I could go to that bar again without feeling craptastic. The experience Ali gave me to remember (and I shan’t forget!) is to put her feet up on the bar for about 20 seconds. She actually managed to disgust this guy, who we concluded is probably the bar’s namesake.

And then I judged him pretty harshly. See the evidence:

Good, nay, grand times had by all. Afterwords we proceeded to Moscow on the Hill. Very trendy Russian place with a lovely patio. And yeah, it’s March and we were patio-ing like champs.

The amazing thing about Ali is that you can pretty much put her in any kind of social situation and she’ll thrive. She’s so awesome around new people. I didn’t have to worry for a second that it would be weird to hang out with her and my friend Katie I met in grad school. Katie is actually not continuing the grad program and moving back to Alaska. This is really sad for me since she’s kind of awesome. But maybe now I have someone to visit whenever I get myself to Alaska? Silver lining??

Saturday we got up and walked about Lake Calhoun in Uptown Minneapolis. It’s exactly 3.2 miles around, or 5K. We did one lap and all I could think about was that in a couple months I’ll be running over 4 times that amount. It definitely put it into perspective since when you look at the lake it seems so big. Then popped over to Isle Bun and Coffee in Uptown for a scone. Minneapolis-ans. Get yourself there for a scone asap. Worth it.

My mom and sister came up as well and spent most of the weekend with Nick scoping out all the trendy places he might live. He’s clearly more hip than me since I think he’ll end up in Lowertown in a loft style apartment, and up until last week I’m like, “Lowertown? Where’s that??” I’m living in a totally residential neighborhood with hallways that frequently smell of an old lady’s bathroom, well, when they don’t smell of rotting corpses. He’s officially more hip than me. One thing I do have is a pretty spacious deck which up until this weekend was decked out with not a damn thing. So my wonderful and lovely mother bought me an outdoor table and chair set. I’m actually sitting out here now, blogging my little heart out. Thanks, Mom! But since there were 4 people in her car (dumb) with big table and chairs, getting them back to my place was…ah…tricky. We made it work,. Ali scrunched down with no room in the back and I sat on my sister’s lap. NBD.

Saturday night was our night to go downtown. Downtown Minneapolis is really fun. It would be a lot more fun if I had a personal driver, since I loathe LOATHE the parking situation down there. Luckily, we were able to find a ramp with a relatively cheap fare near the places we wanted to go. Ended up going to The Local and Brit’s Pub. Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, I was somewhat of an outcast in my pink dress. Ah well. I won’t even pretend to be remotely Irish. Cause I’m not. Both places were super fun and Brit’s has a really great rooftop patio. I would gladly recommend it to all. We decided to dress up because it’s fun to do that once in a while. And since we were lookin’ so fine we  had to attempt to look sexy/serious. Fail? Mmmm yeah. Kind of.

Remember that time someone was telling a really boring story and then you found a quarter? Yeah me too!

For realz. I’m the kind of girl who bends over to pick up pennies, so to find a whole quarter was pretty legit. Legit enough to blog about. Wussup?

Aaaaand being that Ali and I were in a bar (or anywhere!) together we had the inevitable encounter with an awkward creep. His name was Brady and he loved us both. Though he might have loved Ali more. Lucky girl that one. On three occasions he came up to our table. On the second occasion he brought an equally creepy friend. We were talking about New Zealand (as one does) and he said, “Yeah, New Zealand! Whatever!” and he and his friend proceeded to leave. So long, farewell, aufedersein, goodbye. Yes? No. He came back and sat next to Ali.

Here is a lovely reenactment of our conversation. I’m so upset we let this winner get away.

However, it was altogether a wonderful night for us to be so sexy in the city. Like Carrie and Miranda. Almost.

On Sunday morning we met my family for a greasy breakfast at Mickey’s Diner in downtown St. Paul. This place is a staple of the cities and was featured in The Mighty Ducks (Charlie’s mom worked there!), Jingle All The Way (Arnold’s Christmas movie circa 1996) and A Prairie Home Companion. It felt kind of dirty and our waitress was not as charming as Charlie’s mom. Quite the contrary, she seemed naggy and pissed about something. Oh well. But the food was greasy and yummy. And it’s such a staple that I am glad we went.

Before we knew it the weekend was over and everyone scattered back to Seattle, Boulder, and Boone. It was such a fantastic weekend that I can’t wait until we plan it again. Maybe this time I will travel to Colorado??

Until next time.


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