4/20 at CU

20 Apr

4/20 has become a day for those who love the cannabis.  For the last several years, CU has become a hot spot for people to come together and light up.  However, this year is the first year that the University has cracked down on the gathering.  It’s gotten a lot of students and MJ-lovers upset, so I knew I had to go on campus today to see what was going on.  When I got there, there were police and security at every major entrance to campus, but the campus was almost eerily quiet.  I think there had to have been more police and news reporters there than any other group.  Even CNN covered the story.  However, there were some kids who sat around Norlin Quad to (mostly) quietly protest the crackdown.  It’s an interesting phenomenon, and while I can see why people are for and against it, all of the hoopla that now surrounds 4/20 in general makes me wonder if we are close to legalization.  Here are some photos I took on campus today.

Nobody was allowed on campus today without a school ID

Police checked out everyone who came on campus

Secret Service? No, there'd be more prostitutes around. *Rimshot*

Students loiter on the steps of Norlin Library, probably hoping for a retreat.

Hippie girl gets interviewed about the 4/20 crackdown. She defended the gathering by claiming, "This is a day of celebration, even for people who don't smoke pot." She later rang her bike bell repeatedly and yelled, "Viva 4/20!"

Police cruise down the sidewalks of campus.

Students encourage others not to cooperate with authorities (probably not the best idea).

Students wait and stare down the details securing Norlin Quad.

On any other day, Norlin Quad would be packed with people. Today it was covered with police tape.

Silent student protest

The day in a nutshell.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I had no idea that 4/20 had become such a huge day for so many people.  I read a news story that Austin, TX will unveil a a Willie Nelson statue at 4:20 (probably happening right now).  To try to distract the students on campus, CU brought Wyclef Jean to campus for a concert.  Will it work to cool the kids off?  We’ll see.  The best thing about the day, though?  The fact that we made The Onion’s American Voices.  Heck yes!!


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