10 Jun

Can you be-lieeeeve it’s June?! I know summer is going to simply flash by in a second so I am trying to soak up as much of it as I can.

I was talking with Ali the other day about how weird it is to be 26. It’s the age where you’re supposed to sort of have it together, but it’s also kind of okay to still be figuring it out. Thanks to Facebook I can keep track of people’s lives from college. Amazing to think how we all started in the same place and now we’re all sooo different. Married. Single. Babies. No kids. Mortgages. Grad School. Traveling. Great jobs. Shitty jobs. Etc. I find myself wondering how it will all turn out for me in the end. I’m in such a state of limbo right now. Still unemployed. Still sucks big time. I know what I am capable of. I know I am a very hard worker. And it’s only getting more and more frustrating for me to not be given chances at all these jobs I keep applying to. If someone had told me when I was first let go from the trucking place (not that I miss it in any capacity!) that it would be this many months later without a job, I would have rightfully freeeeaked out.

Lately it’s become a constant presence in my life to remain positive about my situation. I mean, I have to get a job eventually, right? I can’t simply be unemployed forever, right? Right? I have a nice place to live. I can still pay my bills. I’m not going to go completely destitute. These are the things that I have to remind myself. No matter how bad I think my situation is, there are so many people in worse places than me. I think about when I worked at the shelter in Des Moines. People came into that shelter unemployed, in debt, without 2 dollars to rub together, and with kids. I often wonder how some of them are fairing now. It’s humbling to know that despite my current situation that will never be me.

Do any of you readers have any summer plans? For the first time in many, many summers, I find myself with no real big summer plans. I’ll be going to 80/35 in DSM in July as well as running a fun race that month as well. But…that’s kind of it. I guess I will just have to have as much fun in the cities as I can this summer. And so far, it’s a pretty great place to be. Oooh, also mi hemrano is moving to St. Paul this summer! It’ll be boss, my friends, boss.

Also, I want to send out an apology to all these people that seem to keep checking in on this blog with no updates from us. Girl met boy. Girl subsequently fell out of touch with the little blog. I won’t elaborate more on him because I’ve come to find out that he’s stumbled upon this blog and (ohmygod) I can’t talk about him on here knowing he’s reading it! (But for you, because yes, I know you’re reading this…I would only have good things to say.)

Another blog I follow recently posted a list like this. So in theme with being 26 and trying to stay positive, here is my list of 26 awesome things/life lessons by 26.

1. Living alone. I looove living alone, even if it would make better financial sense to have a roommate. I think everyone should live alone at some point in his or her life. It teaches you independence like nothing can. You can decorate however you damn well want. Walk around naked (although not so much in my apartment…windows…old man neighbor likes to sit on his deck…) It teaches you to be comfortable and happy to be by yourself. Being alone does not have to mean lonely.

2. Money. Unless you find yourself in my current predicament, you’re going to finally have more money than you did in college or that first year out. Kind of nice, eh?

3. You’re you. I’m reminded of that scene from Bridesmaids.

Helen: It’s funny how people change, isn’t it?
Annie: Yeah. I mean, I don’t know. Do people really change?
Helen: Mmm. I think they do.
Annie: Yeah. But I mean like, still stay who they are, pretty much.
Helen: I think we change all the time.
Annie: I think we stay the same, but grow I guess, a little bit.
Helen: I think if you’re growing, then you’re changing.
Annie: But I mean we’re changing from who we are, which we always stay as.
Helen: Not really. I don’t think so.
Annie: I think so.
Helen: I don’t.

🙂 Either way. You’re you. You’ve figured it out. You know your tastes, what you love, what you hate, the kind of people you want to be around. I remember my freshman year of college, my brain just exploded with change. Maybe my family or other friends didn’t notice, but I felt it. That was cool and all. But now I’m me. I know who I am. It’s a good feeling.

4. Going out. My friend Laura was in town this weekend and we ended up going out on Friday night. It was fun, nay, a blast. Would I do it every Friday? Hell.No. I think I’ve grown out of that stage in my life (oh early twenty-something and all your shenanigans!) and can be totally fine spending Friday differently.

5. My parents are my friends. Seriously. I can just hang out with my parents as friends and it’s awesome.

6. My siblings are my friends. I can be with my brother and sister and it’s da’ bomb, people, da’ bomb. We can be serious, or mostly, completely WEIRD, and we get each other. All that sibling competition is gone (ahem, Nick, ahem) and I can be so happy for his achievements. Ahem. His full ride to law school. #shamelessbragging Also, I need to be on good terms with them so when they are rich and successful, I can use their lake houses in the summers when I am still poor. Got it, guys?

6. Romance. I know what I want there now. I know what not to settle for. And I know when things are good.

7. Cooking. In the past few years I have stocked my kitchen with all the gadgets necessary to make some pretty great things. Now I can’t imagine living without my Griddler, Kitchenaid mixer, food processor, and blender. How did I eat in college?? Oh yeah. Pizza rolls and Pfeifer food.

8. High heels. I can still wear them. And I will. Even if my feet hurt at the end of the night.

9. My cats. I don’t have or want children yet, but I’m 26 and can most certainly take care of my little fluff balls. I can also wholeheartedly admit to being a slight crazy cat lady.

10. Traveling. I’m still young and adventurous enough to be able to travel cheaply. If I want to go somewhere awesome and far away, well then, I can sleep in a hostel if I have to.

11. I finally found the perfect foundation. After years of searching, it’s been discovered. Thank you Clinique Even Better. I’ve waited years to find you.

12. Confidence. Oh, how I wish I could beam some words of wisdom to poor, awkward, 12-14 year old Kenz. I think they need an “it gets better” campaign for awkward, geeky middle school girls too. It was a shit time. How I would love to inform young Kenz that middle school girls can be real c*nts. Oh yeah, and half of them have multiple children and still live in Algona. Sucks for them, right? Oh, and maybe re-think the decision on those cargo pants. Aaaand, when you decide to grow out your bangs, use a clip. Just don’t let them hang in your face. 🙂

13. Selfishness. This is my life now. Only mine. Someday when I have a family that will change, and it won’t be about me anymore. But for now. I’m selfish.

14. Grad school. I’ve had enough real world work experience to apply to my studies in grad school, but I’m also not one of these people in their 50’s changing life plans. I mean, it’s never too late and all that, but yeah, glad I’m doing this now.

15. I can do things on my own. Even if it takes me twice as long as the average person, I WILL put this IKEA shelf together on my own if it kills me.

16. I recognize my flaws. Yes. I am cranky when tired. I don’t like it hate it when someone insults my intelligence. I have a hard time being wrong. But now that I recognize these things about myself, it’s easier to manage them. I think being unaware about your flaws is extremely unbecoming.

17. To love my friends. I love my friends and I’m not afraid to admit it. I can be 26 and see definitive ways in which I am better for knowing all of them. Because I love them, I will continue to nurture our friendships, even if we live far apart. Because no doubt about it, these are the people that I’m still going to know and love when I’m old.

18. Sometimes being an adult can be more fun when you’re acting like a child. I can be a seriously weird and silly person. Just get me next to my sister. Even though I am 26, I can still make crazy faces and dance around like I’m 10. Right?

19. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It’s never easy to know why, and impossible to justify. But it’s important to really know this. It can make you appreciate all the good things even more.

20. Bad things will happen to bad people. I have to believe this to be true. Maybe not right away, but eventually, bad things will happen to bad people.

21. I feel better when I’m healthy. Obvious, no? This is such an important lesson to learn by 26. I.feel.better.when.I’m.healthy. So, Kenz. Go running, okay?

22. On the other hand, ice cream for dinner once in a while can be totally legit.

23. Spontaneity. There is something exciting about making last minute plans, isn’t there? At this stage in my life, I totally embrace it.

24. Memories and reminiscing. 26 is an age where there is still so very, very much ahead of me, but I can look back on my past and reminisce. About my childhood. About college. About travels. About people.

25. I don’t have to dye my hair. Yet.

26. I’m on no one’s timeline. It can be easy to see others and what they’ve accomplished by 26 (like, hey, I’m OLDER than Lady Gaga and Florence Welch, say what?), but I’m on no one’s timeline, but mine.


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