Glory, glory Hallelujah!

14 Jun

I’m in class right now. Don’t judge. Just had a HUUUUGE weight lifted off my shoulders when my professor had us take a vote on whether or not we need to take our final exam. Basically, St. Mary’s approaches education under a “Lasallian tradition” which focuses on more a application based style of learning..i.e. not sitting through 4 hour lectures with exams at the end. The class I am currently not paying attention to is called Strategic Management. It’s very corporate-centric, and frankly, I wish I could be more into all this stuff. Then I could go out and be a ball busting career woman making mucho moolah. Alas, I love the arts and not making money.

I think enough people complained about this professor (in her defense, she’s new) to have her change her teaching method. We took a vote on whether or not we should scratch the final. All us normal people voted to scratch, obvies. BUT…then we had Deb. Deb is a girl I am working with on a group project. She’s weird. She’s married, and meanly, I have to wonder how gross her husband is. She said, “Weeeell, I did really well on the midterm, and have studied really hard for the final.” It took most of my willpower not to shove her on the floor, exclaiming, “Shut, it bitch!”

Thankfully, democracy rules. No final. Wheeeew. Like, WHEW.

Now I just have to focus on papers (so much easier for me than tests!) and this little group project with Deb.

Laters, kids. I better get back to focusing on business process reengineering. Also, what does that mean?



One Response to “Glory, glory Hallelujah!”

  1. thewarpedpen June 14, 2012 at 2:59 AM #

    Deb is obviously a fun-hater and her vote should never count –ever. I’m all for democracy . . . when the votes are in favor of what I want. 😉

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