Rockin Hoppin Saturday

17 Jun

As I type this I am wearing the boxers I purchased in 7th or 8th grade. Gross, right? But still, it’ll be a sad, sad day for me whenever I have to finally get rid of these. I’m watching a movie on Netflix called Tiny Furniture. I remember EW gave a good review of it when it came out. This girl (my age, younger maybe) just wrote, directed, and starred in this little film. Makes me really want to create something. Sometimes I can get a little sad that I haven’t really acted since college. I’d audition, but as anyone who has done theatre knows, you can have no schedule conflicts. And well, with grad school, I have conflicts. Maybe once I’m done, I will audition here and there. Because, yeah. I miss it. Maybe I’ll start writing something. You know, other than this (super amazing!) blog.

Tonight’s discovery is that lemonade tastes so much better from a wine glass. This isn’t even a discovery made out of necessity. My dishes are clean. I just decided to pour it into a wine glass, and yeah, it’s way better. Try it. I know you’ll love it.


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