This Post is Brought to You by the Letter “P”

16 Aug

P is for Procrastination. And Paper Writing. Paper Writing Procrastination.

I have 2 major papers due soon. I actually buckled down and was able to get a lot done yesterday, but I also need to get in a lot today since I’m taking a little day trip tomorrow. Post to follow. I know you’re all dying to live vicariously through me. My life = too exciting to handle.

In college most of my roommates were the kind to sit at their computers and type, type, type away steady streams of thought. I, on the other hand, am a different story. I think I am a good writer, but my thoughts do not flow out of me like I wish they did. I’ll write a paragraph. Sit. Go on Facebook. Think. Write another 2 sentences. Get some juice. Write another paragraph. Etc. Since I have given myself a minimum number of pages to finish today, what better way to accomplish that goal then to blog? (I kid…)

Unrelated to anything about my papers, let me tell you about a new brand I like. Anyone ever tried elf brand makeup? You can find it at Target and it’s soooo cheap! Generally, I keep the philosophy that you get what you pay for. No one should be surprised when their $7 Forever 21 top unravels after one wash. However, people, you’re getting a good deal with this brand. It’s totally legit!

I bought the eye primer and eye liner sealer. It’s a dual thing in one tube. Looks like this:


You put the primer on before eyeliner and shadow. It keeps your make-up from going all trashy, hot-mess. Mine has a tendency to do that. The sealer keeps your eyeliner looking good all day. It’s $3. Most of the other stuff is $1. Seriously, you can’t even buy a bottle of water for $1 anymore.

Okay now. Back to writing.


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