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Can’t Function Today.

26 Sep

My failings today have been comical. As it’s my last week of unemployment (yay!!!) I am soaking up the last of my time off since I will very shortly be back to being a contributing member of society. I was pretty lazy most of the morning until I decided to stop watching Netflix and build something.

Yesterday I went to IKEA and bought a bookcase I’ve had my eye on for a while. My old bookshelf came from Target and cost $30. Three years ago when I was putting it together I put it together all wrong and had to redo it. It took forever to “fix” and has been a little ghetto ever since. Today I thought I was being so so so careful to follow all the instructions as clearly as possible. I thought I had done it perfectly. Until. Until I lifted it up and noticed that the top piece on the shelf had been screwed in backwards. The unfinished rough plywood was totally showing. And this time there was no taking it apart and trying again. It was in there for good. I ended up Macgyver-ing some of the “finished” looking fake wood from the back of my other bookshelf (luckily the same color) and using wood glue to attach it to the unfinished piece on my new bookcase. And while up close you can probably tell something’s up, it’s not super noticeable. Whew! But seriously, I love how even though I was trying SO hard to put it together correctly, I still messed up. The bookcase also has these two doors that go with it. I had to leave for class and was totally confused how to attach them, so I’ll leave it for tomorrow. That being said, my living room is a total cluster of books right now.

I left for class in a rush since I was leaving a few minutes later than I usually do. I ran down to my underground parking garage holding my purse, laptop, cheese sandwich made from the end slices of the loaf, keys, and a bag of kitty litter. And in my rush to hurry, I threw not the dirty litter in the dumpster, but my keys. And they flew up in the air in a way that gave me enough time to shout “Fuuuuuck” in my head. LUCKILY, the garbage had just been emptied today. I can’t imagine if it had been full and slipped between the garbage bags to the bottom of the dumpster. I moved so quickly, that I even surprised myself at my resourcefulness! I moved a large can of paint into the dumpster to help me out once I got in, moved a cart to help me in, and then I whipped my shirt off. Hey, it’s from anthropologie. I wasn’t about to go into a dump with it on. I landed with a thud into the grime covered dump and grabbed my keys which were now covered in a grayish slime. I found a piece of stray cardboard, wiped my hands off as best I could on it, and threw my shirt back on. And no one saw me! I could only imagine one of my old neighbors catching me standing in the middle of the dump in my bra. How to go about explaining that… I left the paint can in the dump, so sorry apartment people, looks like it’s getting thrown away. I ended up using about half my antibacterial spritz on my hands and keys. AND… I wasn’t late to class.

So I am a frazzled mess today, but I certainly can be thrifty!


Oh, Happy Day!

20 Sep

I am employed.

Today’s post is brought to you by Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

Long time, no blog.

13 Sep

Well, hey there internet world.

I’ve been quite a neglectful blogger of late.

Stuff that’s happened in my life:

  • Finished some classes
  • Started some new ones
  • Went to Wisconsin
  • Went to a 10 year class reunion (not mine)
  • Minnesota State Fair
  • Went to SW Minnesota

Class-wise, I finished Art Law, one of the most difficult classes of my life, late last month and (bum, Bum, BUM!) got an A! Shameless, shameless bragging. I know. Got a deserved B in the other class I was in, but let’s face it, I put ALL my effort into Art Law. And as much as it’s a little bittersweet to say adios to my lovely 4.0, this is grad school. One B doesn’t matter. In fact, does any employer at this point really care about GPA? It’s a pride thing. My joy with an Art Law A overwhelms my disappointing B in the other class. New classes have started, both have “Culture” as part of the title. I am going to be ridiculously cultured in a couple months ūüôā

My boyfriend and I have been very busy lately. Almost a month ago we took a little day trip to Wisconsin. This involved blueberry picking, hiking, small town style eating, aaaand the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.

We Kris purchased $16 worth of blueberries. In the world of pick your own berries, that’s alotofberries. I also would like to say that as we were walking up to pay for our bounty, I said, “I bet this is worth $16.” And I was exactly right. Why have I not been on Price is Right yet?

Then we went hiking. But actual, what-the-what? legit hiking. Like, where is the trail? Why is my entire body covered in burrs? At this clearing, Kris opted for the explorer pose, while (let’s face it) this is the perfect opportunity for a fake senior picture. Am I right?

I can’t remember the name of this town off the top of my head, but it was adorbs. We had lunch and then stopped at the ma and pa-iest place ever. Pie and ice cream. Something about getting to the country, out of the metro, traffic, and noise is a bit refreshing. As obvious as it sounds, going to a town where you don’t have to pay to park everywhere is refreshing.

And then, obviously, I made Kris go to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum with me. It was hokier than I could have even imagined. Also, apparently it does not take much to be a museum. This place had a few photos, the copy of a letter LIW wrote, and a “this is what Pa’s fiddle probably looked like” fiddle. Yup. We did that.

And then I was thrown into school. Please don’t judge the wine.

I literally finished my Art Law class and immediately left to attend Kris’ 10 year high school reunion. Got to see his hometown. Tried to avoid the “What do you do?” question like the plague since it’s not exactly super impressive to say I’m unemployed and go to school part time. I thought about coming up with a new backstory, but I didn’t get the chance to use it.

And then we went to the fair. Oh, the fair. Iowans luuuurve them some Iowa State Fair. Guess what? Minnesotans love their fair with almost as fierce a passion. And me? You know, I just am not¬†that¬†into fairs. Here is why: it is impossible for me to go to a fair without leaving feeling DISGUSTING. It’s always hot, uncomfortable, my feet hurt, I’ve eaten fried food, and I always, always have a headache.

At least I got some Tom Thumb donuts, recommended by my mom. Those were quite tasty.

And then we went camping. Most people that know me know I am not really that into camping, but it can be fun! I practically camped the entire summer of 2005 working at Camp Wesley Woods. I got this. Kris and I went to Blue Mounds State Park, about 3.5 hours southwest of the cities. There are some cool rocky cliffs, which I obviously needed to climb around. This picture makes me think about the time my family was in South Dakota when I was a kid. Apparently I got too close to the edge for my brother’s taste and he started to cry. I get some twisted pleasure from that. (Which is the reason my siblings say I’d be in Slytherian if Hogwarts were real. Um. Maaaaybe a little chance. But please, I am obviously a Gryffindor.

After hiking I put jeans on, only to sit, catch my ass on some kind of hook, and cartoonishly rip the back of my jeans. It was one of those slow motion moments. Bye jeans, it was nice knowing you.

The next day I thought it would be good to get to Pipestone. I remember going there as a kid, but my memory is pretty vague. It’s a National Monument where Native Americans can have access to quarry specific stone to make peace pipes with. It’s a really cool place. I’ll recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in Southwest Minnesota.

Staring contest you and me. You win. You always do. (Taken at a store called Indian World. How could we not stop?)

Other than that, life is going along. It was warm today, but I can feel the air getting crisper. I think fall in the cities is going to be awesome.

Mastering the Craft

4 Sep

So, like Kenz, I am finding good reason to procrastinate a bit. ¬†School has started up again, meaning that my irresponsibility has shot to an all-time high. ¬†I didn’t know until now, but The Scarlet Letter is really boring. ¬†I can justify this post since I haven’t written in a while -end of summer, family weddings, old people needing to be changed, you know the drill. ¬†Not only did the ol’ blog get neglected, but so did my new apartment. ¬†What with work, prepping for school, and flying home for a little visit, my new place with my roommate, Claire, was dying for a little attention.

I don’t know if I’ve described my old apartment before, but I love my new place a lot more. ¬†Not that my former place was bad, but my new place is cute, convenient, has some great amenities, and isn’t filled to the brim with noisy undergrads. ¬†Since I have been gone more than I’ve been here, its cuteness has been a bit restricted by my lack of attention. ¬†It wasn’t until this past week that I could lavish a little love and make the place home. ¬†I don’t have any good “tour” pictures of the place yet (some things have yet to be put in their proper place) but I wanted to show off some of the crafty projects I have been up to.

While I was home my dad let me know that my great grandmother, who passed away this summer, had left some of us great-grandgirls her costume jewelry. ¬†When I was looking through the pieces I found some great earrings and pendants and my wheels started turning about what I could do with them. ¬†I hope Great Grandma Wilma didn’t care too much about us not wearing them, because I immediately started pulling off the clip-on backs and making plans. ¬†Here are some of the earrings and pins I took:

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of them yet, but one plan is to make myself some repurposed jewelry. ¬†A few years ago, I was in my friend Laura’s hometown at a consignment shop off the main square. ¬†A few cute older ladies ran the shop, and one of them made bracelets out of old watches and earrings, and I LOVED them. ¬†They were just so funky and unique, and the stretchy watch band helps them stay in place on my arm (no clunking when typing away at the keyboard). ¬†Here are a couple of the bracelets I have (made fancy on their wine glass displays):

Cute, no? ¬†I know they’re not everyone’s look, but that’s what I like about them. ¬†I want to make my own now with grandma’s old watch and earring:

I’ll just have to figure out how to take out the watch face and battery . . .

There is a bookshelf that I’ve had since high school that my stepmom got me at an estate sale. ¬†It’s nothing all that special, but I’ve gotten a bit attached to it despite the fact that its original knobs have long since disappeared. ¬†I could never find any knobs that were small enough (or cute enough) to fit, so I knew I would have to whip out the super Macgyver skills to make something work. ¬†When I saw grandma’s earrings, I knew I had to work out something to make them into homemade hardware.

Since the bookshelf only had holes where the knobs should go, I had to come up with a way to keep the new knobs in place. ¬†After digging around in my tool kit (which has gotten quite extensive) I pulled out a screw and one of those little plastic things you stick into the wall to keep the screws from causing too much damage. ¬†Does anyone know the technical name for these things? ¬†Probably not. ¬†If you’re confused, here’s a picture:

Using a hot glue gun, I stuck the back of the earring to the head of the screw, then I put the screw into the plastic wall protector:

And, voila! ¬†Cute and incredibly useful mini doorknobs for my petite bookshelf. ¬†You never know what you can do when you’re desperate to make your place look nice.

My next project was actually suggested by my roommate. ¬†Since she’s a 3rd grade teacher and avid crafter, she has tons of paints, paintbrushes, and other fun tools for being a DIY queen. ¬†We decided to make drip jars, which essentially means that you squeeze paint into a jar and put it upside down so it rivers down in varying widths. ¬†We’re both using ours for our pens and random desk objects. ¬†Here’s how they turned out:

Fun, eh? ¬†And Claire wasn’t even finished once that project was completed, so she painted this for her room:

Hurray for having Crafty Sue for a roommate!  I should probably get back to Nathaniel Hawthorne now, but be looking for more fits of boredom from me soon.