DIY Christmas Present Bow

8 Dec

My family has a lot of Christmas traditions. We stick with just the 5 of us in my immediate family. Since neither my brother nor I have our own families, we can totally be on the downhill slope to 30 and still be kids at home. Totally works out. We always have a delicious and HUGE breakfast before anything else. We read from the Bible before we open presents. We start presents slowly…one person starts, everyone watches, comments on the thoughtfulness of the gift (because we are a good gift giving kind of family). Soon enough, this transitions to people opening at their own pace and people commenting as we go along. Because if it continued as we started, present opening would take a very long time. Stockings go AFTER the main presents are opened. My whole family agrees this is the way to do it. As my sister once said, “Stockings are like dessert after the meal.”

One aspect of what makes Christmas really special at my parents’ house is that, without fail, my mother will beautifully wrap the gifts. She recently gave me instructions on a DIY present bow. She learned this while working at a small shop in her hometown. Store bought bows are a rarity in my house, but the end results are always good.

This kind of bow really works out because all you need is a scrap of extra wrapping paper, scissors, and tape.

I’ll apologize now for the poor quality of the pictures. It’s hard to demonstrate something and also take a picture of it yourself. 🙂


I always have extra scraps of paper when wrapping. Depending on the size of bow you want, the size of your paper scrap can vary. This is the size I used for a medium sized bow.



Fold the scrap in half. Then cut strips in the paper, but don’t cut all the way through. Cut on the side opposite the fold crease.




This is a bad picture, but next you’ll want to take the uncut end (where my thumb is in the above picture) and fold it into a circle. At this point, I found it was easier to tape the end together after it’s formed.



There should still be loops in your bow. Next you’ll cut the loops in the middle, forming two strips out of one loop. Like such.



Now take the scissors and curl the strips like you would some curling ribbon. Obviously you’ll want the blade on the other side of the paper, so that the pretty section shows when curled. This part can be tricky. You need to be firm enough to curl, but not so firm as to rip the paper. I found it also helps to use better quality (thicker) wrapping paper with this. When it’s done, simply attached to the present with tape. Voila! A cute bow and a way to get rid of those extra wrapping paper scraps.



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