Midtown Global Market

13 Feb

In Midtown Minneapolis there is a delightful place called Midtown Global Market. I’ve only known about it for a few months, but now that I’ve discovered it, I’ll be sure to go on a regular basis.

There are dozens of food stands along with an actual market. And when they say “global” they mean it! Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Somali, “American”, etc. Amongst the food are many little stands selling jewelry, clothes, and cultural decorative items that make me reminisce about the shopping I did in Ghana and Guatemala. And though sometimes you see signs like this… IMG_0881

 …it’s a really cool place for culture and community gathering. I wonder how many cities have places like this?

For anyone who loves to cook, it’s a great place to find ingrediants that would be uncommon at an average grocery store. There are, however, some things for sale that I have no idea who would buy.


That truly makes me want to vomit. How do you even eat dried anchovies? Like chips? (Hurrrrl….)

Nevertheless, it’s a great place for food and culture. Check it out if you’re in Minneapolis.




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