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Do you have a spare $18?

6 Jan

Oh you do? Well, get yourself down to your local Sephora and pick up Sephora’s line of Marc Jacobs nail polish lacquer (it’s fancy).

Now, ordinarily I would ne-ver spend $18 on nail polish lacquer, but I got a Sephora giftcard for my birthday. I just decided to go for it. Hold me back, people!

I am notoriously bad at painting my nails. It always gets globby, looks weird on my cuticles, and I never seem to have the patience for it to dry 100%. This stuff glides on smoothly, and makes even my efforts look great. I found I don’t need to apply that many coats to achieve a lot of shine.

The color I bought is Delphine, which is a great combination of purple and gray. I think it shall be my go-to winter color.

That’s all. Nothing too profound, but I thought I would share my discovery.