Hello and thanks for stopping by! We know there is a big old internet out there, so we appreciate the visit. We are Kenz and Ali. Here’s some stuff about us:

  • Sometimes we get WoodyAllen-neurotic. Shut up, you know it makes us sooo adorable.  
  • We love words. We also hate words. Examples of hated words include, but not limited to: moist, slacks, nougat, car-a-mel, mature when pronounced mat-oor, panties, you get it…
  • “Goober” is a totally legit way to describe a lot of the guys we’ve dated.
  • We have a thing about taking pictures with cows. Read into that as you will.
  • We enjoy reading Harlequin romance novels…out loud…to each other…
  • Kenz is the Mary (Please, it was so confirmed one time by that guy in that bar) and Ali is the Rhoda.

We hope you enjoy this blog and can get a kick about some of the stuff that happens in our day-to-day.

Love, Us

PS- That’s totally a mummy in the background. Aren’t we awesome?


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