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A Year In Review

31 Dec

2012. How on earth did it go by so quicky?

It was a strange, yet really great year for me. Strange because I was unemployed more months out of the year than I was employed. Yikes. Let’s not let that happen again, eh? So for as much complaining as I do about work, one resolution is to remember to be ever so grateful to have this job. Seriously, I am ever so grateful for it.

Some highlights of my year:

January 2012. At my friends Karla and Krystal’s apartment ringing in the new year with some of the best friends a girl could ask for.


Minorly obsessed with a certain guy who I thought was pretty dang great. He wasn’t. Turns out after some serious Googling (turns out I am a master Googler) this Grade A asshole was married with a preganant wife. I didn’t blog too much about it at the time because it hurt a lot. Lots of tears. But in the words of Ms. Clarkson, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Right? Let’s hope so.

Started a new job as receptionist administrative assistant reader of blogs at a semi truck dealership. It basically sucked.

Oh, and I also started this little thing called grad school.

February. After only about 2 months at the dealership, my position was eliminated. Thus began my foray into the world of extended unemployment.

After some convincing and maybe a glass of wine, I joined the oh-so-scary world of online dating. This, mind you, was something I never thought I would “stoop” to, but I went out a lot. And when you’ve got more than enough free time, leaving one’s apartment is a very good thing.

March. A lovely visit from Ali! Had a blast spending time with her over St. Patrick’s Day. This is probably the most notable thing that happened in March. Kind of a boring month otherwise.


April. On a random Sunday morning I headed out for brunch to meet this guy from match. This was one of the best days of 2012 because it’s the day I met one of the best guy I’ve ever dated. So it was a pretty good day. And my skepticism of online dating softened.


Good month. Got to hang out with this little cutie up north. We even dived into a northern MN lake together. She’s a brave soul, and I hope that a little cold water continues to not phase her.

photo (2)

Got to see my younger sister graduate high school. Can’t believe she’s in college now. On the same wing and floor of my old dorm at Simpson too!


As usual, any time my sister and are around each other we start to act like actual crazy people. Exhibit A.


Had tickets to The Cranberries, but alas, the show was cancelled after the opener played. So lame. My 1996 self is still upset about this.


June. Visit from my great friend Laura before she moved to this far away placed called New Jersey. I miss her. Trip out east soon? Yes, please!


Got to see this girl again as she was in town for her aunt’s bachelorette party. Seriously, Ali. How was this 6 months ago?? Here we are in (can’t remember the name of the bar…) Nordeast enjoying the pinkie and the greenie.


July. Got to celebrate the birth of our country and the birth of my boyfriend. Should have known this one was special when I went mini golfing on a scorching hot day. Seriously. That defines my personal hell.


On 4th of July we headed to the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis for some lovely fireworks. Not onlt did we get fireworks, but we got to see an underwear bike ride and were given an ungodly amount of gummy bears. (Is there such a thing?)


I also ran The Color Run. Super fun even if it was a ga-gillion degrees outside.

August. Still unemployed. Went to a 10 year high school reunion. Not mine. It was fun even if I didn’t lie about my identity to strangers (which was my intention going into it.)

Took a day trip to Lake Pepin where we consumed our weight in blueberries. Saw the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum (super disappointing…I know, shocking, right?) and meandered around a very quaint town.


September. Went camping at Blue Mounds State Park in southwest Minnesota. Had a great time. Like, a really, really great time. Probably has something to do with the guy I was with.


October. Started my new job. Oh, happy day! No longer among the ranks of the unemployed and downtrodden! Also did this for the pet costume contest in my apartment building. Crazy…adorable, right? Crazy adorable. I lost to a dog in a store bought costume. Oh, the injustice!


November. Second time running the Living History Farm seven mile race. So fun. So out of shape. Hope to do better next year!

And then! Saw Ali in Colorado for Thanksgiving. Second year in a row we’ve doen the makeshift Thanksgiving. I had a blast visiting her. She lives in a beautiful place which makes me jealous and stuff like that.



In a random happenstance, I was even able to see my best friend from high school, Ryan. See above photo as evidence that some things never change.

December. My 27th birthday. Christmas. Time with my boyfriend. And family. All good things. Here’s to a fantastic New Year’s Eve and even better 2013!